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At ASAP Dental Care, our team is dedicated to bringing smiles to life using the latest techniques and cutting-edge technologies. Our practice philosophy is to provide prompt, top-quality, comprehensive dentistry under one roof, including same-day solutions whenever possible. Establishing an in-house dental lab requires a significant investment, so most practices outsource crowns, bridges, dentures, and other lab work to third parties. Designing and fabricating tooth replacement options at our on-site full mouth dental laboratory in Jacksonville, FL, provides incredible benefits. An in-house dental laboratory allows our team to fabricate complete and partial dentures with significant savings to you.

Our skilled in-house full mouth dental laboratory technicians combine artistic and restorative skills to craft superb restorations with beautiful, natural-looking results. Performing this work at our on-site dental lab significantly reduces the time it takes to create new custom teeth and eliminates multiple trips to different practices!

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An intraoral camera lets our team capture close-up, high-resolution images of your teeth and gums, which we can immediately show you on a chairside monitor. This enhances patient education and our ability to thoroughly explain specific treatments’ benefits. In addition, our intraoral camera increases your comfort while reducing chair time required for treatment.

CBCT imaging technology is essential for evaluating your underlying bone structure, sinuses, nerve pathways, and surrounding soft tissues. This technology is instrumental in planning and customizing tooth replacement solutions and oral surgery. About 150-200 images taken from different angles in less than a minute yield a more in-depth and complete picture than digital X-rays. The images are compiled into a single 3D image that we use to create personalized and precise procedures that fit your unique oral anatomy, including affordable dental implants in Jacksonville, FL.

Ivoclar celebrated 100 years of innovation in 2023. Ivoclar Vivadent technology enables our lab technicians to create a true-to-nature smile based on your unique facial characteristics, personality, and preferences. Their biofunctional prosthetic system for conventional removable dentures delivers highly aesthetic, customized, and functional dentures with superb results.

While milling is a removal process, printing is an additive process. Our 3D printer builds up layers and can easily navigate complex curves, holes, and tiny shapes. Multiple parts can be printed at once with little to no waste. 3D printing produces dental implant drill guides, physical models, and crowns today.

A Digital Impression & Design System is a cutting-edge technology that replaces traditional molds with digital scans for creating accurate representations of your oral anatomy. This advanced system utilizes intraoral scanners to capture detailed images of the teeth and soft tissues, providing a more comfortable and efficient experience for you.

The digital impressions are then used in conjunction with design software to plan and customize dental treatments, such as crowns, bridges, and clear aligners, with precision and optimal aesthetics. This technology streamlines the dental workflow, reduces turnaround times, and enhances overall patient satisfaction.

The Ivoclar PrograMill is a state-of-the-art milling system designed for the precise and efficient production of dental restorations. This advanced technology is used to mill a variety of materials, including ceramics and resins, allowing for the creation of crowns, bridges, and other prosthetic components with exceptional accuracy.

The PrograMill system integrates seamlessly with digital impression systems and CAD/CAM software, offering dental professionals a comprehensive and streamlined workflow for the fabrication of high-quality, customized dental restorations.

Smiles Delivered With Artistry, Advanced Technology, And Experience

At ASAP Dental Care, we combine state-of-the-art technologies, advanced skills, and a compassionate touch to deliver naturally-looking, durable, and beautiful smiles under one roof. Our goal is to create customized solutions that address your unique needs, complement your facial characteristics and enhance your quality of life.

Our in-house dental lab in Jacksonville, FL, is one example of how our team uses leading-edge technology to restore long-lasting, healthy smiles conveniently and efficiently for life. Whether you’re looking for All-on-X full arch dental implants or superior traditional dentures, our dentists, oral surgeon, and lab technicians have the skills to restore your smile to its beautiful best!

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