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If you’re one of the more than 36 million Americans without any teeth, you may already be one of the 90% who wears dentures. If you’re unhappy with the way they look and feel, we can help. If you aren’t a denture wearer and are struggling with tooth loss, we hope you’ll put any reservations aside, because today’s high-quality dentures look and feel remarkably natural! Modern dentures may be removable like those of yesteryear, but they’re far more comfortable and attractive thanks to advances in dental technology. Whether you’re missing some teeth or all of them, we have your smile covered at ASAP Dental Care, with complete or partial dentures in Jacksonville, FL. The denture base is commonly made of resin or metal, while the false teeth can be made of porcelain or a type of biocompatible plastic. Our Dental Team is also skilled in placing implant supported dentures, an alternative to full mouth dental implants. Whether you’re looking to show off a new, complete set of natural-looking teeth or only have a few empty spaces to fill in, dentures in Jacksonville, FL will positively change your smile and life!

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A partial denture in Jacksonville, FL is a great option for filling in existing gaps caused by tooth loss or those created following tooth extraction. The most common type of removable partial consists of a cast metal framework that supports high-quality replacement teeth with precision metal attachments. A less expensive partial denture has removable acrylic flippers, although the drawback is that its bulkier shape isn’t as attractive or comfortable as cast metal.


A complete denture, also known as a full denture, is a removable tooth replacement option that is usually made from acrylic. When you receive complete dentures in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll experience improved smile appearance and confidence. The denture base acts as a foundation for the false teeth and also restores defective soft and hard tissues. The false teeth will help you chew and bite food comfortably, although you’ll still need to avoid some foods. The full upper part of the denture, known as the maxillary arch, features a plate covering the roof of your mouth. The full lower denture, called the mandibular arch, is a horse-shoe shaped denture that rests on the gum and bone tissues.

Immediate dentures are placed right after extraction of your natural teeth. Available as complete or partial dentures, this option eliminates waiting for your mouth to heal after getting teeth extracted. An immediate denture allows you to end the embarrassment of living without teeth quicker than traditional dentures. The downside is that as your mouth heals, the underlying gum and bone tissue starts to shrink. Within just two to three months, your denture will loosen, necessitating a reline that may be able to correct the problem. If not, we’ll need to fabricate a new denture for you, which makes this a far more expensive option.

This type of denture is attached to dental implants that fuse with your jawbone, so you’ll enjoy added security and stability. Implant supported dentures in Jacksonville, FL help restore the feeling of real teeth and keep your mouth healthy for years to come. Knowing your teeth won’t slip or fall out provides the ability to speak and smile more confidently. Dental implants can be used for complete dentures and fixed partial bridges. In addition to being able to eat a wider variety of foods without discomfort, you’ll never have to worry again about messy denture adhesives, pastes or powders.

Custom fitted dentures designed for you

At ASAP Dental Care, we’re dedicated to using the latest technology to design comfortable, custom-fitted dentures. Our Dental Team will work with you personally to ensure you understand all the steps involved and your dentures exceed your smile expectations. The first step is an oral exam to check for signs of infection, tooth decay, previous dental work that can hinder the denture process and teeth that need extraction. Then we take impressions and measurements that are sent to a specialized dental lab to fabricate your dentures to our exacting specifications. A wax try-in enables Our Dental Team to confirm the fit and function and lets you preview your new smile before it’s finished. After the denture comes back from the lab, you’ll come in for a fitting, at which time we can make any necessary adjustments to ensure your dentures are comfortable and fit well. While it may take some time to adapt to eating and speaking with your dentures, you’ll soon experience the many benefits.

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