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Braces can correct malocclusion (abnormal bite), including overbites, underbites, cross bites, deep bites, crooked teeth, and other flaws of the teeth and jaws. Traditional orthodontics was the only option for many decades to align and straighten teeth. The great news is that dental technology has improved over the years; more comfortable and discreet options are available today to improve your bite, overall dental health, smile beauty, and self-confidence.

At ASAP Dental Care, we offer clear aligner technology in Jacksonville, FL, as well as retainers and mouth guards. Clear braces are a good option for most adults and teens looking for a more pleasant straightening experience. While most clear aligner systems deliver the same quality as traditional orthodontics, they offer significant advantages. Your journey starts with an orthodontics consultation to assess your specific issues and help determine the best option to fit your unique needs and budget.


Crooked Teeth Impact More Than Smile Aesthetics

If you have an alignment issue such as crooked teeth, you may be experiencing chewing difficulties, a speech impairment (e.g., lisp), and perhaps even debilitating symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Crooked teeth also increase the risk of decay and gum disease because brushing, flossing, and removing bacteria is harder.

Depending on your alignment issue, you may not smile as often or at all, avoid public speaking and social situations, struggle in the workplace, and have low self-esteem. Many studies have shown that facial appearance, including one’s smile and teeth, has significant consequences on self-perception, self-esteem, and quality of life—especially in adolescence and early adulthood. The functional and quality-of-life benefits of teeth straightening in Jacksonville, FL, can’t be overstated!

Our Custom Smile Corrections

Clear aligners are a modern and discreet orthodontic treatment that helps straighten teeth without the need for traditional braces. These custom-made, transparent trays gradually shift teeth into their desired positions, offering a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to metal braces.

Clear aligners are removable, allowing for easier oral hygiene and the flexibility to enjoy a wide range of foods without restrictions. The treatment process typically involves a series of progressively adjusted aligners, offering a convenient and comfortable solution for individuals seeking a straighter smile.

After “active” orthodontic treatment is complete, a retainer is essential to maintain the aligned position of your teeth and prevent any shifting. Removable retainers are made of clear, thin, slightly flexible, plastic-like material that fits your teeth’ exact shape and placement. Fixed or permanent retainers are made of a thin metal wire glued behind your teeth.

Occlusal guards are removable mouth guards that help prevent wear and tear on your teeth caused by bruxism (teeth grinding). Sports mouth guards protect your teeth and soft tissue during sports or recreational activities. They’re made to cover all teeth on one arch, stay comfortably and securely in place and maintain high-impact energy absorption. Both mouthguards are created from a digital impression of your teeth and customized to fit your mouth and properly adapt to your oral structures.

Let Your Smile Shine, Discreetly! Set Your Smile Straight

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